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Published on August 24th, 2014 | by hotarabic


With Sabotage Bold Nadina Turns Up The Heat! @NadinaTV

Bless the hearts of those who attempt to do something fresh. Nadina has a new music video out, she is starting off with a bit of class and piano, then the full part mode breaks out. Make no mistake, this is a music media made in the Western style, and not just because of the language.

Nadina is likable here, and she has a lot to offer in this joint. She fuses sexy with talented without coming across as someone who tried too hard. I do not usually like songs in English, but this is an attempt from some talented and bold Lebanese artist who calls Vancouver her home. She gets to dance and perhaps belly dance while boxing and kicking ass all at once.

Much of the music video is focused on Nadina’s abs, but she lyrics do not matter, the music production and mastering is pretty dazzling. I love the tiny hint of Arabic beat. This is what Nadina says she wants to do, “It’s an amalgamation of North American and Middle Eastern sounds. I wanted to merge classical Arabic strings/instruments and modern Western beats. I tried to bridge all of these styles so the music doesn’t lean far one way or the other.”  This is a good portrait of what her career can offer.    

I hope Nadina makes it outside the Arab world, these American pop stars have nothing on her–I know this music video will be a big hit in Lebanese and Arabic networks…I hope it travels farther.

Nadina – Sabotage Official Music Video | نادينا – الكليب الرسمى لأغنية سابوتاج

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