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Published on September 19th, 2014 | by hotarabic


All The Beautiful Songs of Farid al-Atrash

If you enjoy the music and songs of Syrian Egyptian composer Farid al-Atrash, then chances are you are fifty years of age. For anyone who appreciates his music and not 50 years of age or older–these are the unsung heroes. This music is for heavy doses of Arabic entertainment, it’s so concentrated that is may not be suitable for everyone.

Growing up my uncle used to be a big fan and always crank up the volume of the radio when a song of Farid al-Atrash air. Dad was not a big fan but he liked the guy and some of his songs. So in honor of all those who appreciate the gifted and well-rounded entertainer, here are some of his finest songs, about 12 of them.

You are an old soul and you know it. Farid lead a tragic life and he was controversial figure at some point–family and political drama. This examples why the man has a legend status pretty much anywhere in the Arab world. We would be dammed not to mention his lute and how astounding his skills are.

12  ١٢ اغاني رائع من فريد الأطرش ♥♥♥♥ نورا نورا ♥♥ يا جميل ♥♥ دايما معاك ♥♥ إتقل إتقل ♥♥ بقى عايز تنساني ♥♥ يا مالكه القلب بإيدك ♥♥ يا حبايبي يا غايبين ♥♥ تقول لأ ♥♥ منحرمش العمر منك ♥♥ زمان يا حب ♥♥ إياك من حبي ♥♥ عش انت ♥♥♥♥ belles chansons de Farid El Atrache

أجمل أغاني ورائعة من فريد الأطرش ♥ Beautiful songs of Farid Al Atrash

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