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Published on September 9th, 2014 | by hotarabic


All of Lebanon’s Murex D’or Awards 2014 #الموريكس

The biggest award show in Lebanon and the Arab World took place last week and it made all the news. Murex D’or is the perfect place for self promotion, business deals and parties. This is the 2014 version and things are looking good for all the stars. Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians and Arab ones lined up to collect awards, or just have a good time. The organizers talked about their award ceremony,

It’s an annual award ceremony which started back in 2000 with a history of 12 editions. As for the name of the award show is a tribute to Phoenician Murex which was used to dye cloth in imperial Tyrian purple. The Murex is a Phoenician symbol which represents a shellfish, whose secretions were used to dye cloth with the deep rose color known as the Ourjouan. Phoenicians used Murex color to dye silk, wool and other fabrics and exported them to the world. Consequently the Murex played a major role in their trade, success and distinction.

All these big names showed up, and Tamer Hosny had his screaming fans waiting for him at the award. He is notorious for doing that. Watch the biggest names collect their trophies and talk to the media despite all the sadness. Our Arab Idol Mohamed Assaf collected an ward and got to perform live–this song was sad and a new step for Assaf who sings for the Gulf a new single.  Assaf won the best young Arab artist.

Watch the amazing tribute for this young artist invoked Gaza and Palestine.

 نجوم الموريكس يعبّرون عن فرحتهم وانطباعاتهم لكاميرا إيلاف

Mohammed Assaf Murex D’or 2014 محمد عساف يتسلم جائزة نجم الغناء العربي الجديد

محمد عساف حفل الموريكس دور – كل يوم / Mohamed Assaf – Murex D’or 2014

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