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Published on September 7th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Egyptian Just Invented Pornographic Boob Dance (Video)

There are many local dancers in Egypt who think they are doing belly dancing. But more and more you see more of them dancing with their boobs, shaking those over-sized busty racks. I think it fits for the local taste. Despite what they may say, there seems to be a public endorsement of such talents.

Just consider all the big hotels in Egypt book such dancers for shows and for weddings. Some of the ladies you see them shake it are exclusive deals with the biggest hotel chains for sold out shows. The latest names on fire is Shams who can be seen on this video alongside slum singer Ashraf Ghazal. Now Shams would not do this and dress in such a way had society not sanction her–mainly men. She just wants a paycheck and she gets a bigger one with this career choice.  

I would like to hear what non-Arabs think about these videos and talents? Is this for grownups? Or is this family entertainment? Keep on mind very few films in Egypt skip the belly dancing feature where it always boils down to a local wedding.

Ya Khtey Gamela – Ashraf Ghazal ياختى جميله – اشرف غزال

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4 Responses to Egyptian Just Invented Pornographic Boob Dance (Video)

  1. I'm sorry … that was dancing?

    Give me Nagwa Fouad or Zoheir Zaki any day. Big boobs + small talent = boring.

    (And by the way, I'm a non-Arab bellydancer. American of European heritage with 15+ years experience in classic Egyptian dancing.)

  2. Ines Miocic says:

    and yet, many dancers still respect DINA????????

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it's more to do with where the videographer chooses to film and who edits the video than the dancer!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am found the title and the journalist analysis very primitive in using the term Pornographic.
    The belly dancer is a charm dance, where the dancer must be wearing some special clothes in order to charm through their body esthetic and body movement their public. This dance is an arabic heritage as the temple or pyramid. If you considered that if any women wears some sexy cloth as a dirty girl, if think the analysis is made through the Muslim moral than is own analysis.
    If I follow your analyst any lady wearing some ombilic jewel or sexy cloth or tatoo or show a part of their body, could be considered as a pornographic actress, I am invited you to study the human story from any culture (Egyptian, Arabic, European, Asiatic, Pacific, African), sure you will discover that all of those peoples got a similar culture on the erotism (sculpture, jewel, clothes, dance ,…) . Finally, the word "Ponogrphic" have no sense in your report, the word who must be apply is EROTISM, in using this word the belly dance take the right sense.

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