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Published on September 9th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Download: Marwan Khoury Returns With “Al Aad Aaksi” 2014 Album البوم مروان خورى – العد العكسى

He is the ultimate package, a triple delight Marwan Khoury who writes lyrics and music and sings so beautifully. He is a grownup artist who makes music for the grownups and the ones who have loved at least once before. He is the complicated talent who likes to branch out every now and then, but most of all he is a crooner with a heart of gold. An artist that every body loves and enjoys working with him.

This album of his comes out now with 15 tracks…he knows how to spoil a lady, he knows how to make each one of them feel special with his style and voice. This is a countdown album, from a guy who does not say much beyond what he says with music. He is a shy soul. I decided to write this depite the fact I just came out rolling for a surgery, because Marwan is a talent worth celebrating.

01. Mehtaj L Elik
02. El Laili Lailetna
03. Lamma Bshoufik
04. Mesh Am Betrouhi Min Bali
05. Inta W Maii
06. Lo Taaref
07. Salat Fannan
08. El Aad El Aaksi
09. Loaabat Al Hayat
10. Albak Ala Albi
11. Hada Allak
12. Baashak Rouhik
13. Lahna Qalbi
14. Eh Ahebah
15. Kenna Etafaana

Marwan Khoury – Al Aad Al Aaksi (Official Clip) / (مروان خوري – العد العكسي (من مسلسل لعبة الموت

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