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Published on September 16th, 2014 | by hotarabic


This Song is About Cheating, Jealousy, Desire and Murder

Lady on bed, one on one’s arm in the car….a guy walks into his wife having an affair with his lady. He pulls out his gun and about to shoot the guy. This is the song about an old man who marries a young woman and goes to sleep when she wants to stay up and chat. The singer is actually the guy who is sleeping around and he calls the husband to shame.

Wow, I am confused….the guy who sleeps around is the good guy and the ugly husband is at fault? Maybe it’s because he cheats around with young bimbos. She cheats on his with their driver, plus she is always wearing sexy outfits and he is not paying attention to her. So the broke driver who listens to women and get them is the right guy?

I do not know, but Ibrahim Said seems to be making this case. How about both here are at wrong? Regrets? Sure, the dude shoots his wife, and serves a light sentence. Fares Iskander wrote the lyrics. I guess the artist wants to make the point, if guys can do it, ladies should be able to do it

Ibrahim Said – Mafi Mara Betkhoun / إبراهيم سعيد – ما في مرا بتخون

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