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Published on September 17th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Video: Joe Raad, Do You Like/Hate His New Song “Nzara Minnak”? @JoeRaad

Joe Raad is many things to different people. For starter he is a renowned Lebanese celebrity hair dresser. No one in Arabia has a bigger name that he does, he can seen kicking it with the pop divas, stars, entertainers and TV personalities, he has the golden touch and the golden scissors.

However, few month ago, a rumor flew around the internet the hairdresser is making a song and shooting a music video. If I remember correctly, he denied this rumor and dismissed it as a joke. I remember reading a Lebanese music blog that called it a bizarre move.  

But comes October 11th, I was shown this music video by a lady from Beirut and her singer husband, both were mocking the music video. Unlike them, I will not do the easy thing and joke about the Joe Raad music video.

I will say the good things about it, the location is one of the prettiest ones I have seen in such a long time. Great choice, I kayak, so I appreciated the shoots of the celebrity hair dresser engaging in this support. I love the birds, and the flamingos, the backup dancers bring some missing colors. Joe brings some of the most fashion-forward outfits I have seen in one music videos. He is trying to have a good time, and his dance moves are pretty entertaining.

The song has a good beat, and the Egyptian lyrics are fun–I have heard worse songs. I like the dancy bit where the chorus kicks in. Now, this is Joe’s first music video, I am sure if he makes another one he will do a fine job.

Per his Facebook page

Joe Raad had always dreamed of embracing a singing career, for he had traveled in his dream riding the notes on a musical score, refining his talent through studying to play the Oud (Lute) and the piano. Thus he registered some songs and video clips after which he decided to adopt the hair design career in which he achieved impressive and distinctive successes.

This decision was made with the encouragement of the fine sensitive artist, Majed El Mohandes. He encouraged Joe Raad to benefit from his hobby and turn his dream into reality. Thus, the song “Nazra Minnak”, lyrics by Hani Abdel Karim, and music by Tamim and Sinan Akçil , was recorded in Majed El Mohandes studios in Cairo and filmed in the Bahamas. 

I give him credit for not bringing half-naked models–like the others all do. He is not harming anyone, and it’s all for the sake of fun. I do not see him doing any harm, and I welcome his contribution.

Joe Raad Nazra Minnak

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