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Published on October 14th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Indie Arab Swedes Sing For The Motherlands–You May Cry! @RihanYou

A group of young Arabs from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine got together in Sweden where they and their families have found refuge to sing for their motherland. They love it so much, but not to the degree where they would risk their own lives. However, they are hurting for their people as they see the mayhem, chaos and bloodshed all around them. So they have joined forces to celebrate their countries at this difficult time.

This is a song by activists with good voices, not singers with big hearts. This way the song stands for something–they do not have to worry about sales and recording companies. The song is about their idea of their home countries as it should be not as it is.

You only see two young women whose mastery of singing, poetry, and history are impressive. The stories they tell make one want to weep, not just cry. You will hear shreds of Fayrouz and Arabic classics that make sense as they come.

This song is by dreamers for dreamers who have good faith in the human race….the song is pan Arab, it invokes a lot of the emotions we love. This song will solve nothing, but for the time being it will cure some ills many of us have when we are about to give up hope. Bless those who worked on this indie song that entertains, teaches, and moves hearts.

To Our Countries لبلادي

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