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Published on October 12th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Nelly Karim @nellykarim_1 Defends Rape Movie And Fights Sexual Harassment

Trust me, no one likes censorship, it sucks and no one should have the power over another person’s creativity and freedom to express themselves. This is the message one gets from the interview with Egyptian actress Nelly Karim.

I like Nelly, she is a good actress, but the case she cited to make her point was a poor one…Egyptian Prime Minister decided to pull a film from theater after it has been cleared by the government appointed commission on Films. Usually this would be an overstep and overreach. But since Egypt lacks the movie rating system and the enforcement to stop teens from going to see a sexually riddled film, I think that decision was right in that once instant.

Haifa Wehbe made a soft core porn film with Al Sobky trash producers…the film is a bout a boy who wants to protect this sexually bold and expressive woman–Haifa. And there is a graphic rape scene in the film. About that scene, one of the actors during an interview was so happy he got to “rape” Haifa Wehbe.

I know Nelly is big on fighting sexual harassment in Egypt, she starred in a celebrated movie about it. I find it hard to reconcile her positions on this issue. No, I hate censorship, but also I hate to subject little kids to the adult world.

نيللي كريم لإيلاف: أنا ضدّ منع فيلم حلاوة روح لهيفاء وهبي

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