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Published on October 24th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Sabine “Stop” Album Launching Party

Sabine is trying to get extra publicity for the release of her breakout album “Stop” so her team put forward a party/event where she was the star. Dance, outfits, and energy. A lot of guys and gals turned out for this event. She did Lebanese and Egyptian songs–even the guy who hates Egyptian songs turned out.

Sabine is a popular young artist among those who know music in Lebanon. So far she has not travelled much outside Beirut. This seemed like a big bash, and there were at least three outfits for this special event.

I liked the album and think there is many fun songs and catchy ones there too. There is something for each music fans. Sabine is really going out of her way to launch her career and become an A list. Melhim Barkat seems to be a big believer in her talent and personality

Sabine – News Room Aghani Aghani / Launching Album Stop

سابين|Sabine | اطلاق البوم ستوب | Stop Launching Album

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