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Published on November 7th, 2014 | by hotarabic


“Kun Hadi” Combats Crazy Driving In Lebanon (Video)

Celebrities like to hang out with politicians, it makes them feel smart and important. Politicians like to be seen with celebrities, it makes them interesting and cool. The life of a politician is kind of boring, so their spouses like the perks that brings them to be close to their idols.

This once the two came together for a good cause. Politicians and celebrities met for Kun Hadi initiative. Which is a local campaign to urge young people to be careful as they drive. No texting and driving, no drinks or drugs. It really kills people. “Think of your parents when you get in the car,” said the lead organizer and mother who lost her child to a car accident.

This is being dubbed as the first intuitive of its kind in the Middle Eastern. Assi Hallani was there and so was Ragheb Alama, few others as well. Secretary of Education was present. This is a serious problem that needs serious answers.
سياسيّو لبنان وفنّانيه معاً في عشاء جمعية “كن هادي” لنشر ثقافة السلامة المروريّة في أوساط الشباب

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