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Published on November 21st, 2014 | by hotarabic


The First Lady of Syria Mayada El Hennawy Back With A New Song

Syria has two first ladies–one we can all agree on. Mayada El Hennawy is her and her voice is golden. She is one of the last standing artists form a beautiful time, an age of glory when Arabic music used to capture your soul, win your heart and address your mind. Luckily, she has a new song out now.

She has not performed any new works for a decade now, but her returns makes up for that. She new single has been airing on Syrian radios for almost a week now, but it has just been picked by media outside that country that’s facing a troubled and troubling times. The song is about the eye and it’s only meant to see the one you love.

This is a fancy music driven song with honey sweet poetry all over the span of the 7 minutes. The song is about even when those in love close their eyes, they still see the loved one, and hearing them even if they were not intending to. The talent behind this song are new to me. Shwqi Hijab wrote the song, and Algerian composer Nibly Fadel orchestrated the soothing music. But his music has been around for generations and he is all about keeping Arabic music Eastern.

عيني ** ميادة الحناوي ** جديدهاا ** حصري

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