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Published on November 17th, 2014 | by hotarabic


The Police Of Egypt New Propoganda Song With Mohamed Kelany

He has been one of my favorite new and young Egyptian pop star, but he does not do many songs…only one album and that was three years ago almost. Now something seems to have moved him as he just released a new song for the police in Egypt. I feel bad for them as they seem to be a target of some mysterious forces.

Now, the same police have killed people in Egypt, they are corrupt, bad and do violent things and arrest innocent folks. I agree with that, but I also see the little guy who has no power yet people target him or her–she just murdered ten of them in the Sinai desert. Now this is a good human song from a guy who has a heart of gold.

the repressive police force is looking for somebody to love them–now they are applying the victim card by posing as victims not corrupt oppressors who have people killed.

Mohamed Kelany – Teswa Eah / محمد كيلانى – تسوى ايه

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