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Published on November 11th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Wael Kfoury Has A New Song And You Will Like It! @kfourywael

Rotana is excited about another big album release. This time, they will release a new loaded album by the least social Lebanese pop star Wael Kfoury. His last album was released two years ago, and I remember liking it at least two songs out of the eight songs on it. Wael is not a judge on the popular Arab Idol program–he left the X Factor.

The single which was released on Rotana radio to drum up the excitement about the new release is titled “The Impossible Love”. It starts slow and sobering like a guy giving you bad news about the end of a love story. It plays like a honey dipped poem, then in time it picks up and the song takes a turn allowing Wael’s brand to glow.

The album will have eight tracks and it will release next week. All songs will be in the Lebanese dialect. Wael has his huge fan base, but I am unsure if he has been getting into the new generation playlists. His fan base seems the older folks and mid age fans who grew up with him.

أغنية الغرام المستحيل للفنان وائل كفوري حصرياً على إذاعة روتانا

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