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Published on November 7th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Watch Myriam Fares Wedding Video! She Married A Man of Mystery @myriamfares

For more than a month now, we knew that Lebanese pop artist Myriam Fares got married. We have yet to see his face of hear his name the guy who sealed her heart. Myriam Fares has said little about this happy occasion, and every day she released a bit on this wedding.

Now she has a video or a music video where she looks very happy and she seems in love. It’s a song for her fans in Arabia–but mostly in the Gulf. She did spend the honeymoon in some Greek Island. Even though we have a music video and a picture, the groom’s face never shows. You see his hand, torso and his feet, but not his face. We only read one account where the groom is identified as Mitri an American businessman who is Lebanese. The couple were rumored to have met during a visit to Beirut. Mitri works in Miami and he has a construction company and runs a limo car rental services.

It looked alike some wedding party did take place and it seems like a very intimate party where all footage were under Myriam Fares control. She will tell us when we she is ready. I know I am happy for her and she seems happy. She has done a very good job concealing her groom’s identify. No one in the media has been able to confirm who is this many of mystery? There is a small chance, this may be a marketing ploy, but it remains unclear.

So much energy in this video and the pop artist is back to her hyper-self!

Myriam Fares – Deggou El Toboul / ميريام فارس – دقّوا الطبول

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