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Published on December 8th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Here’s To The Syrian Black Widow Rouwaida Attieh

Don’t let his love cancel you our….talk is cheap are some of the fine lyrics form a new song by the Syrian black widow Rouwaida Attieh. The man behind the song is none but the hottest Lebanese composer, musician and singer Salim Assaf

In a radio interview, the artist spoke about the story behind this song,  it was inspired by a phone conversation with his mother who told him the main line “no one knows what’s in the other person’s heart” Hence came this cone form the heart and it was a summer hit summer. Which is odd because moving songs like that do not often come in the summer. The song was meant to be for the summer, but summers are saved for happy go luck songs..let’s dance types.

I think the sadness in Rouwaida’s voice is coming from a real place, I would give her the Oscar for best moving performance. Without looking at her, you hear the woes and the sadness in her voice. Very few artists can do that, and this is harder for Rouwaida specially that she has a very strong voice. The sorrow might be coming from what she sees happen in Syria on the ground.

#SalimAssaf- سليم عساف يتحدث عن شو سهل الحكي

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