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Published on December 1st, 2014 | by hotarabic


“Resalet Amal” Dispenses Hope For People Living With Cancer

Jordanian pop artist Tony Qattan survived a serious disease and a liver transplant. So he pledged to support charities and clinics that look after the ones in need of medical attention. He got a number of young artists to join his drive.

In this song, you will see Josef, Tony, and other stars who are about hope and the next day about cherishing every second as if it was a gift. Hope is what these little ones need. This is an activism we all agree on, you are still alive so do not give up, dream big.

This is a person song for so many who have had children with illness. No one should live with that alone. I am glad these artists have stepped up to offer their celebrity status as a mean to spread smiles. So this is why the song has been titled, a message of hope.

Operetta – Resalet Amal / اوبريت – رسالة أمل

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