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Published on December 15th, 2014 | by hotarabic


The Arab Idol Winner Hazim Sharif Unites Syria And Ditches Politics

Syrian Hazim Sharif won Arab Idol on Saturday, calling it “a dream” and choosing not to make the moment a political one.

The 21-year-old Syrian — the favorite to win the popular contest — beat a Saudi and Palestinian to take the third Arab Idol title in a show broadcast on MBC pan-Arab TV channel.

After a moment of tension, fear and tears, when Sharif’s name was called he kneeled on the ground, thanking God for what he described a dream come true, while the audience burst in joy. The young man was smart enough to avoid getting in trouble for wearing one flag or another. As Syria has two flags right now, the official one which is in the pro Assad camp, and the revolution flag that stands with the oppositions. So when Hazim found out he won the title, he ditched the flag.

He is a good looking guy who has a serious talent. See the presser with the judges, the head of the MBC and the young winner. There is so much energy in the room and so much shouting. This conference got into the wrong start when it became about how cool Nancy Ajram is. I think she should’ve celebrated the young man.

He is a soft-spoken young man who showed so much diplomacy. He faults MBC and policies of Arab Idol. Now MBC is revealing that they are not allowing the flags. A cop out. He sings for all Syrians, all of them.

حازم شريف: لا أريد لفنّي أن يتعلّق بالسياسة

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