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Published on January 20th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Does Assala Khanat El-Zekrayat Sounds Like She Is Reciting The Holy Koran?

She will release a new album in few days and thankfully we now have a song on the album that we are already celebrating. One problem, I think the song sounds a lot like those religious songs from Egypt that air before you break your fast in Ramadan. And it seems to my ears as if Assala sounds like she is reciting from the holy book.

Calm down everyone, I think it’s a big deal….but this is a song from a Syrian hit-maker whose music has been around longer than most of us.  It’s a cool track about cheaters and betrayal in love….The song says, she won’t live in the victim mindset. For more than a minute a half the song is slow and you feel the vocal quality by Assala, then the songs picks up the pace and the fire comes out.

It’s a powerful song that will connect with her fans and the casual listeners. It has a wide-range of emotions and topics. Assala has the emotional scars to show for it–she has been cheated on by her former husband. She always sounds she is breathing fire when she sings about this very topic.

Powerful stuff that has all the right elements that makes Assala who she is. It’s has a beautiful melody that sticks in your ears–addictive to drive a car listening to this single.  
Assala – Khanat El-Zekrayat | آصالة – خانات الذكريات [LYRICS]

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