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Published on January 14th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Love In The Age Of Terrorism! Adam New Syria Song

Sham F.M. is becoming one of the biggest Arab radios, the sheer number of hits they play on their airwaves is incredible. Giving that they remain operational in Syria despite so much sorrow and so much destruction is something to note. Many Syrian and Lebanese artists go to this radio station with their hits because they know it’s a radio that makes people happy and claims a large share of the market.

While many more Syrian artists consider it the default radio, not too many in Lebanon think of it first. But there’s a new Drama about the civil war, and the song is about the general feel in Syria. The story of love and war…..but the voice is for Adam, a popular go to voice that has song some of the best TV series both in Lebanon and Egypt.

Adam’s voice is something I look forward to hearing. This time, he shows off a lot more heart and force as he feel he is about to weep, but then it goes…..Not sure about the show, but it seems to glorify the Syrian army. I guess, change is good, but not the kind that want to set back the clock and revive dated teachings without regard to the spirit of the law.

I like the title of the song which is clever…”Sham” is what the locals call the capital city of Damascus, but if you change it one bit to be Sha’am it means back luck…which is fitting.
حصرياً على شام اف ام إسمها شآم غناء آدم

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