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Published on January 29th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Myriam Atallah Wants YOU To Dance! شب الشببكلي ميريام عطا الله @Mem_Atallah

Lyrics are by Hussein Ismail, Wessam Amir composed, Tony Abu Khalil produced and Syrian Star Academy Alum  Myriam Atallah sings. I think 2013 was a kind year for Myriam Atallah, 2014 wasn’t. So let’s hope with the new release we will be seeing and hearing more for this Syrian pop artist whose a concert gold.

This is an upbeat song made right for the dance floor…you can just imagine the Debka ring and people holding hands to this song. It’s pop candy by a star whose fans have so much energy. She comes from an acting and theater background, so she is more than a pretty voice. She did act before she was known for singing.

شب الشببكلي ميريام عطا الله جديد وحصري 2015 / Myriam Atallah

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