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Published on January 11th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Egyptian House of Opera Concerts And The Army Propaganda

The Egyptian House of Opera went a head with a concert that they have planned for a long time–move along everyone nothing to see in Egypt. They night that had the most press was when Syrian Asala took on the audience by storm. She is a classically trained diva with a might voice, and she was joined part of the night by Ahmed Saad, an Egyptian singer who seems to really like her.

Together, they sang for Egypt, Syrian and the revolutions. Never mind that the regime in Egypt kicked out and tortured Syrian citizens feeling the war. They too performed Lebanese songs. I love the song for Damascus. Perhaps the greatest controversy was when Ahmed Saad kissed Asalah’s hand, the rumor mill started to talk–silly really. another song I likes was a pop song by Asalah that makes folks happy.

This was a prime time event for most people who like music, but for the State run TV–they used the time to run their propaganda in the news reel below the performance. One title read, “America will change its position on Egypt–as if the US will endorse the military coup”

أصاله / أرجعلها – حفله دار الاوبرا

اصاله & احمد سعد / سهرة حب – حفل دار الاوبرا 2013

أصاله / ثوار – حفل دار الاوبرا 2013

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