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Published on February 26th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Must Own Geroge Wassouf Essential Album 2015 Arrives

George Wassouf came out of retirement last year and did a mega concert for the new year. The beloved and sometimes controversial Syrian music legend has suffered a number of health setbacks and received medical attention in few countries. His fan base gave him a cult fellowship. and he is right to be an idol for so many of us. his fan base is made up of cab drivers, professors, old school music fans, young folks, the fun bunch and the negative bunch. He is an idol for men and women, everyone knows who he is, and they appreciate his music as well.

Now Rotana has just released a collection album for some of his finest hits that he sang while on their lable. All these songs come from the past decade. They are hits and tell different stories about romance and about life. but most of all George’s music is always about people and doing the right thing. To me his songs are what would your grandpa would teach you about life–don’t give a shit and do not try to change who you are.   

Here are the fourteen tracks, you will know them and have memorized them by now. the new album is brilliantly titled “We’ve Missed You” While we await new songs, the old ones are always there to offer nostalgia.

01 – Allah Karim
02 – El Sabri Tayib
03 – Salaf W Dayn
04 – Asaab Fourak
05 – Heya El Ayam
06 – Shoukran
07 – Etakhart Ktear
08 – Kesert Koul El Nass
09 – Saber W Radi
10 – Aalem Albi El Shok
11 – Benfakkar Bel Nass
12 – Khadney El Hanean
13 – Min Hena We Rayeh
14 – Bastana Bel Youm Wel Youmen

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