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Published on February 7th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Wow Nour Ireksousi Just Wow For Her Most Perfect New Single @IreksousiNour

The Voice had no idea what it has unleashed on the casual music fan. By featuring Syrian vocalist Nour Ireksousi on their MBC program, no one saw the storm coming. This is one hell of talent storm. First she dazzled with her performances for western pop songs, then she blew us all away miles when we heard the powerful voice doing Arabic songs.

I do not know what makes Syrian vocalists superior to other Arab artists–all the ones we know are excellent and have a lot to offer. Unlike many big names, they do not lack the talent and emotional depth and complexity.

Nour is ready to stand on her own as she released an original song that is just so perfect. Flawless is more like it and it’s all built around her mighty vocals and driven passion that acts like a fuel that makes this song everlasting. This is her second single, but first serious stab at building a music legacy that defies borders. First song is a pro Syria song that was a hit in some circles. This new song of hers is a sweet romantic song that does not lack a single thing. Released a week before Valentine Day.  

A bit about the artist, she can sing in in both Arabic and English. Her journey with music started in  2006 in her homeland Syria, performing with many bands and experiencing different genres of music like Arabic, Jazz, Funk, Pop, and Rock music .  Late 2012 ,Nour took part in the famous and serious TV program /The Voice/  which made her the name she is now. She is based in Moscow, Russia now which is confusing.

نور عرقسوسي – بشوفك بحالي 2015

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