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Published on March 26th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Hala Fakhir Advises Egyptian Men To Marry A European Over Lebanese

I think this is supposed to be funny from Hala Fakhir, the Egyptian actress who is now hosting a talk show. It seems to be a cool thing to do in Egypt is to marry a Lebanese woman over one of the local ladies in Egypt. So it seems the thinking is to skip Egyptian ladies and go for the Lebanese who is foreign and not too foreign.

Hala advises the men of her country not to go with Lebanese due to the dialect differences whereas some references–some of the example is the word for refrigerator and the tires. I find it funny that an Egyptian woman doesn’t stick to the ladies from her land.

Then she goes with the European nationality it comes with more perks and the ladies according to Hala keep up their health up to the 80s as they exercise. She also pokes fun of Egyptian ladies who at age 40 get many health woes. She forgets to say by 40, most ladies in Egypt have had at least four kids, but the one in Europe may have never had a baby.

I know this is meant to be humorous, but to be frank it’s an insult to Egypt, its people both men and women.
الفرق بين الزوجة المصرية و الزوجة اللبنانية مع هالة فاخر

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2 Responses to Hala Fakhir Advises Egyptian Men To Marry A European Over Lebanese

  1. Dolmance says:

    I'd marry Alia Al-Mahdi in a heartbeat. I'd marry Alia two times even.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Anonymous says:

    not to mention that the average european woman is more wealthy than an average egyptian one, Andy

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