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Published on March 14th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Sabine Wants You To Get A Divorce, Thanks @sabine_fans

Sabine sees herself as an A artist and so does the new director for her latest music video where she is asking her man to divorce her. It feels like a funeral song, I am hoping it will be the song to take her into a new market. Sabine has not manged to close the deal with the fans. For at least three years she has been waiting for her big moment. So far, this moment has not arrived.

Said Marrouk makes neat music videos that generate headlines. It does not come cheap… costs money to book him. Said and Sabine are filming a music video about divorce and they know how it works. They are clear, they are not encouraging people to get a divorce. The message form her interview, if you are chocked and feel imprisoned, divorce is something to consider.

This song came from her album of last year, one of the darker and more mature themes. Not many sing for divorce, but when you do, it gets some people to blink for a second. I wish Sabine all the success in the world, cannot wait to see her divorce themed music video

سابين | كواليس كليب طلقني | Sabine | Behind The Scenes Of Talikni

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