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Published on March 16th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Trashy Singer Saad El Sagheer Hits Female Singer On The Head (Egyptian Abuse On TV) @SandySandystar


Sandy is the world to her fans, she appeared on a trashy TV show with trashy singer, dancer, actor Saad El Sagheer who hosts the sadly popular show. This is all fine, then the guy wanted to show he is cool or tough and he did it by hitting a young woman on her head for laughs. This is not okay and it should not be okay.

I do not know why Sandy took the abuse on TV, but now she is speaking about it on her Facebook. Sandy argues that she complained about Saad’s treatment and the executives promised her the show won’t air the episode with her with that segment. That was six months ago, and when the show aired it, nothing was changed. And naturally people were upset with this treatment right on TV for everyone to see.

I think the idiot was trying to show that he is tough and that he comes from a tough area (Shobra) and he wanted to show that by showing that he disrespects women and he mistreats them. I do not think this is why the good people of Shobra do. Saad El Sagheer gives them a bad name….Sandy (and anyone) did not deserve this harsh and abusive treatment.

Really? Does anyone in the Hayat channel see nothing wrong with this? Are there no women in the network who can see that this is a bad idea? I am pleased to see the public response and the condemnation of this trashy singer. He is a piece of garbage and someone should have called him out on his piggish actions. Let’s hope the channel will explain itself.   

سعد وسعد | سعد الصغير يداعب ساندى وهو بيعلمها الكلام الشعبى ” ساندى بتقول محمد كوخا ”

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