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Published on March 4th, 2015 | by hotarabic


WATCH: Tamer Hosny … 180° Of Bullshit تامر حسني … 180° – فيديو كليب @tamerhosny

This is a very long music video, it’s almost long enough to be a sitcom or a mini documentary. What company has 9 minutes to waste? Plus I know Rotana took Tamer Hosny in, but why must they do crazy stuff like this? Who has 9 minutes in this very fast time of ours?

I know I do not. Let me see it I will change my mind once I see this latest Tamer Hosny attempt at redemption. He acts like he is not answering her calls, or speaking to her. Then comes the bike–which explains his futuristic leather jacket. Oh I see, he has a message, do not text and drive–I like that. I like the slow motion affects and the coolest accident you will see in Arabia. I am sure some will not be happy Tamer did not just kick the bucket.

He is on a wheelchair now fighting for his life when that model barges in asking about his state. Then she jumps ship and leaves him to his fate. But the hot nurse notices and takes care of Tamer Hosny and we should thank her for that. Question, did you think Tamer Hosny have plenty of makeup? and maybe some lipstick.

The music video does a lot of flashbacks and Tamer tries to make being on a wheelchair a cool thing and everyone seems happy to see him. Lots of pictures and faded memories…..Tamer is looking for a love that sticks in thick and thin, not only when things are good. She dumped his sorry face, and has a new boy toy, then he loses it and pushes away the one person who bet on him. Sweet hugs make everything right.I guess a bit of guitar cannot hurt, few seconds later the man is back in a mega concert and his lady is standing behind the stage–silent.

Maybe this music video is a lot to do with Tamer Hosny’s last four years, as he was the king of of the world, and all of sudden he has become a pariah. I will not be upset with people who will like this music video.      

Tamer Hosny … 180° – Video Clip | تامر حسني … 180° – فيديو كليب

Exclusive Tamer Hosny new music video 180 Darga
Directed by : Yasser Samy
composed By : Ramy Gamal
Lyrics by : mohamed Atef
Music producer : Ahmed Ibrahim

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2 Responses to WATCH: Tamer Hosny … 180° Of Bullshit تامر حسني … 180° – فيديو كليب @tamerhosny

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the video and song. It is good. I hope it makes him think (god forbid) if something was to happen to him if his gold diggen wife bassma would still be around. she just seems so money hungry, fake, and materialistic. Sometimes the wake up call is too late. oh well, u lay ur own bed in life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no clue what is being said yet but I personally really love it. The video is so powerful

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