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Published on March 12th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Why Does The Winner Of Arab’s Got Talent Speaks No Arabic? @SalahEntertain1 @ArabsGotTalent

Salah Entertainer took home the award and the title of Arabs Got Talent. Then the winner got to do dozens of interviews. Question? Why is the winter of Arabs Got Talent does not speak Arabic? Really MBC? He says he is Arab and he appeared on some French programs. But he is speaking English at the press conference.

Really? What language do they speak in Morocco/ Algeria? Maybe you do not have to speak Arabic to be an Arab? I thought this is what makes on Arab in the first place? Least he can do to speak Arabic…he says he is Muslims, can he not read the holy book? I do not now, I might be too grumpy right now.

He did give a shout out to the kid from Palestine and the struggle of the people of that land. He also gave a shout out to Egyptian Yasmina. I just do not get where in his background he got the English from? Does he speak French too? I bet he does. No doubt he is talented and has brought a lot of joy with his appearance. How can he make money? I think he will show up in some movies or music videos for quick cash.  

Arab’s Got Talent | Press Conference | عرب غوت تالند | المؤتمر الصحفي

صلاح Entertainer: حياتي صعبة وأهدي فوزي لصديقتي التي توفيت

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't get the double standard here. Salah is of Maghrebi descent (and around 24:00 in the clip he says his parents spoke Arabic to him at home), which makes him considerably more "Arab" than Jennifer Grout, and you couldn't say enough nice things about her when she was on the show. Personally I don't understand why shows that are supposed to be local talent competitions allow contestants from outside countries in the first place, but I don't make the rules.

    Maybe Salah doesn't speak Arabic at a level he is comfortable using on international TV, or maybe he is hoping to leverage this opportunity to get a gig in Las Vegas, or maybe he felt using English made him more appealing to a larger audience. (It must be tough to be stuck between cultures with as much bad blood and baggage as the French and the Maghrebi have. Skew too hard one way and you alienate the other side.)

    Salah is certainly no less qualified for "Arabs Got Talent" than an American woman of Irish descent whose main claim was that she was singing phonetically because she didn't speak much Arabic. Is the difference because Jennifer was performing an "Arabic art" and he was doing a more Westernized performance?

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