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Published on April 22nd, 2015 | by hotarabic


Download Amal Maher 2015 Album “Welad El Nahardah”

The best and the most amazing album of 2015 just got released and Amal Maher is back with force and with the biggest names in the game.  The album had so many delays and the name of the album has changed at least three times, but when she is ready, she is ready. 10 wholesome tracks on this album. We have already heard three songs that Amal shared with us earlier this year.

Here are the 12 tracks and teach of them is a gem offering something real and something great. The nine names of the ten top music talents in Egyptian music have collaborated with Amal on this album that’s hoping to resurrect what this diva has done in 2011 when she released a stunning album. That album was a legend as in its 11 songs were 11 hits. Making it harder to choose a favorite song. You can rest assured that there will be romance, dreams, darkness, and pure fun. On the five star rating, Amal Maher is either a 5 or 4.9. just ask the fans.

This is a big release for the company, the artists and those who like good pop music made by artists who can sing any style.  The internet went crazy and people are talking up the album in the social media. I am not surprised, this is the fruit of good work and making good choices.

01 – Seket El Salama
02 – Welad El Nahardah
03 – Ana Habbitak
04 – Bahebak
05 – Ayam Matetawadsh
06 – Zrofy Saaba
07 – Mahontesh Alaia
08 – Ghelet Ana
09 – Mafehash Badeen
10 – Zekrayatna
11- Ezay Fatitny

Seket El Salama – Amal Maher سكة السلامة – امال ماهر

▶ Title: Seket El Salama اسم الاغنية :سكة السلامة
▶ Artist: Amal Maher اسم الفنان: امال ماهر
▶ Album: Welad El Nahardah اسم الالبوم: ولاد النهاردة
▶ iTunes (US):
▶ iTunes (MENA):
▶ Anghami:…

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