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Published on April 14th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Even Ragheb Alama Cannot Save The Doomed X Factor #MBC

Ragheb Alama And Elissa are meant to be the big names on the new and improve X Factor. While I like these two stars, I could care less about this unoriginal show that can be best descried as bland. Sure the first season was lame and saw many departures of judges who did not get along. The second season was hoping to score big with the addition of Ragheb Alama (whose presence made Arab Idol a success) and new comer to music Donia Samir Ghanem.

Still though the show did not score well, Elissa made out with couple of guys to help the rating but it did not seem o last. I like Ragheb and think he is a rock star who has survived so many things and has managed to come back with something fresh. I think there are way too many shows that do the same thing and promise young folks the stars, but leave them homeless.

See these two interviews one with Ragheb Alama and another with Elissa. They talked during the press conference to help the X Factor media blitz. Here’s a declaration, I will be surprised if Ragheb renews his contract. The show is doomed from the get go, it’s just boring. Donia seems to be happy to be on set alongside artists who have been singing for decades.


راغب علامة لـ “إيلاف”: وجودي بأكس فاكتر نزولاً عند رغبة الشيخ وليد الإبرا

Elissa managed to stick around for another season, but she is not a warm soul or someone who cares for others. she seems to be stuck too much into her head….she is a diva for sure, but I do think she is out of touch. She does not seem to take well to criticism (see the interview) She is almost ready to walk out.

 إليسا لإيلاف: أنا شطورة وما بينخاف عليّ

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