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Published on April 24th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Sandy’s Fun Day With Freinds On Her Birthday

Sure, it might be narcissistic but this seems the age we live in. And Sandy is one of the prophets for this era. She celebrated her birthday with friends and she shared a video with the fans. There’s nothing more than a group of young women giggling nonsense.

I like the ride they were on, it seems to be scary for a minute. But it appears the Egyptian pop star enjoys living life on the edge. I guess this video is only part one, there will be part 2! In this age pop stars feel that we must know about aspects of their lives, not just the music.

Sandy’s Fun Day “Part 1 ” – ساندي تحتفل مع محبيها بعيد ميلادها

Sandy’s Fun Day “Part 2 ” – ساندي تحتفل مع محبيها بعيد ميلادها

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