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Published on May 7th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Ahlam Sports A New Look For A New Sugar Single!

Last month Ahland released an album that moved many records and saw her tour the Khaleej’s biggest malls posing for pictures with just about anybody who cared for one. Ahlam is the matriarch of music in that part of the world. She is also a successful away from the music scene. She is a loving mother and a caring spouse. Let’s not ignore that she is a newsmaker on Arab Idol where she has been on the judge chair for the three seasons.

A solid album is not enough for this lady who likes to be the number one in her game. So she just released a new single that sounds like an amazing hit. A lovely song that sees Ahlam be the sweetest and softest vocals that has hidden within her. The title is the “top-notch”, or best of the best. The music for this single has the signature of Fayez Al Said, one of her best friends and compatriots. Those magical lyrics have been crafted by poet Handal.

The incredible thing about this album and single is that it comes with Platinum Records, after Ahlam broke off her collaboration with Rotana–her natural habitat.

Ahlam أحلام – راس قمة

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