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Published on May 16th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Chauvinist Pig Singer Mohamed Foaud Lies Again!

It’s been many years since a scandal erupted in Egypt over a racy birthday party for actress Menna Fadaly. The good guy and the heart of Egypt as he is known Mohammed Fouad was present and the party and took part of many of the photographs with the young actress.  He is all smiles and looks like he is posing for the cameras.

Now he says something insulting to our intelligence, Mena was actually plotting against Mena someone sent her to do this stunt to ruin my name. We are supposed to believe that. He is saying she also apologized to him on more than  one occasion. Not only did he insult our intelligence, but he is also putting a young woman under the bus. What did she do wrong? she thought she was being cute.

The host does not even believe him, he is making stuff up! This is part of the Arab culture where we are supposed to pretend we are all saints in public.

Why was he at the party to begin with?  Why did he not leave right away after this conspiracy that he seems to be the only one to see? I love Mena for responding to his stupid comments. Find her response here   

مصارحة حرة – محمد فؤاد وصور فاضحه مع النجمة منه فضالى .. ويرد لأول مرة على سبب الصور

مصارحة حرة – النجم محمد فؤاد … استبعت الفنانة منه فضالى من اعمالى بسبب الصور

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