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Published on May 5th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Latifa Sucks Up To The Gulf And I Like It

Tunisian Latifa gave an interview timed with the release of her new album, see in 2013 she released two albums one for the gulf that seems to have gone unnoticed, and another general pop album that was great. Latifa spoke about how she loves the Gulf region. She prays for the Gulf, and wants this area to prosper. She is brown nosing them, it’s all for a paycheck.

She sang a lot of dialects, but this is not her first Gulf album, she made one years and years ago, then she released a single. She likes the region….it’s not a comfortable topic to bring up since it feels awkward….the interviewer really pushed her buttons.

لطيفة لـ”إيلاف”: الله يحمي الخليج من كلّ أعداء هذه الأمّة

لطيفة – أتحدى | Latifa – Atahadda

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