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Published on May 7th, 2015 | by hotarabic


World Meets Sexy Amal Maher In “Seket El Salama” (Video)

Amal Maher has never gone for the sexy look before today. At first in the late 00s, she went for cute, then in 2011, she took the bold and chic route. In 2015, she finally found her one way ticket to sexy town as she released her latest music video.

The tall and lean Egyptian diva stars in her latest music video in red and then comes the classy dark, and sure there is a lot of legs and high heels. I must say, I like the fact that the guy is dancing for her, not the other way around. About time.

I thought the song was a new feel for Amal Maher, I do not think she has done a song like this before. It’s a daring sassy song that plays hard to get. It’s a departure from her own style of comfortable and mellow romance. I like the beat and the summer flavor–it reminds me of citrus scent that freshen our summers.

However, the music video brought the song to life. this is the timely hip makeover, the music world has been waiting for. This might be her most accessible song where she ditches her ivory tower and gets to the streets. It’s an uncharted territory for the classy pop artist. I like some of the outfits and the fish bowel thing.

I think this song may rub some people the wrong way, but I find it a successful attempt to taking a stardom to the next natural level. There are five looks for Amal and it seems she found her mojo and she is not going back.

Seket El Salama – Amal Maher سكة السلامة – امال ماهر

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