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Published on June 7th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Arabia’s Fame Whores Gather For Murex d’Or Awards

I really like the backstory behind this award. The Murex d’Or, French for the Golden Murex award, is the brainchild of Lebanese physicians Zahi and Fadi Helou and recognizes achievements in the domains of acting, singing and entertainment in Lebanon and the Arab world.

The award’s name was a tribute to the murex seashell, which produces the Tyrian purple dye, widely used during Phoenician times. In a nutshell, this is a big ego trip for the underemployed physicians and their fame-hungry celebrity friends. It’s one of the most exclusive awards and a party that takes on the Lebanese capital.

It’s done well and celebrities would kill to get a trophy that night. Needless to say all the big wigs in Lebanon chase the organizers to get tickets. You see politicians, business types, media personalities, fashion/style figures and army generals seated next to other big fancy pants Arab entertainers.

Here’s the hard-working team behind Elaph stalked artists on the red carpet and got a dozen of interviews. There were plenty of characters in attendance. Enjoy this longest 20 minutes of fame whores on ego trips.

See all your favorite singers speaking about being honored at this event–do not worry many of them paid for it one way or another. It’s like getting an award for doing one’s job–can you imagine?!  

ماذا قال نجوم الموركس لكاميرا “إيلاف”؟

نجمات الموركس ٢٠١٥ يكشفن عن أسرار أناقتهنّ لكاميرا إيلاف

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