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Published on June 8th, 2015 | by hotarabic


“Cello”: All The Best Looking Arab Actors In One Place!

They have a show in Lebanon that will air fairly soon, the show has been called “Cello” I do not know why, but the promo song gives plenty of airtime to this musical instrument. By how things are looking, this is a big budget show with mainly Lebanese actors but also some Syrians and Egyptians as well. All the big names and good looking appear in this darama. Like Taim Hassan, Yousef Al Khal, Yosra Al Lozy and Nadine Naseeb Njim among others.

But the highlight for me was the title song performed by the lovely Marwan Khoury. This is the biggest gift the show can expect. I love the location, the outfits and all that stunning camera work. They have been reported to use a wide camera shots. The promo does not show a lot or reveal much, but it shows what can be a long triangle. The life of the rich and famous is well-documented.

Enjoy this teaser and appreciate the work of Marwan Khoury at his finest.

لاول مرة كليب مسلسل تشيللو – مروان خوري – “حبي الأناني” / ET بالعربي

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