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Published on June 5th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Listen: Marwan Chami – Khebez w Meleh 2014 The #Salt Song

Marwan Chami wanted a song about the salt of this earth, a song about a man who does a good deed, only to get bitten in the ass for it. This is Marwan Chami, who brings the party with his voice with the latest single from this handsome devil. Bread and Salt is the title of his song, he is only singing it, the lyrics and the music is pretty fun to listen to. The title is the Arab way of saying, “we go back”, we have broke bread together so we are close.

This is a Levant style which is popular in more than one country. Marwan is Lebanese and he is upbeat, the song released on a number of radios, the impressive thing about Chami’s voice is that he sounds as an old man who has a lot of wisdom to offer.

I like the title, and I like the material and the style flows, it’s a happy sad song.

Marwan Chami – Khebez w Meleh 2014 / مروان الشامي – خبز و ملح

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