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Published on June 2nd, 2015 | by hotarabic


Remixing Tamer Hosny And Elissa Works Surprisingly Well …A Duet? ‬‎

Getting a duet between two type A singers has never been easy, but it might be closer to reality once these two artists join the same production house. Elissa rules her music genera with an iron fest, she has been a dominate voice for more than a decade now. Tamer Hosny has his moments too, he ruled Arabic pop for almost fifteen years–sure he had his ups and downs.

To the best of my knowledge, they have never shared a stage together, and for sure they have never sang together in a duet. But a DJ got to work and gave us a remix that shows how compatible these two artists are. The thing is, they are both smart entertainers and hard working talents who have major backers and advertisers. They are definitely good and I would imagine they would have a hit song if they wanted to, but egos might be too big.

Tamer has done many duets–mostly with international stars and one with one of his female cousins. Elissa did that duet with Ragheb Alamah and another with Fadel Shaker. I do not think Tamer likes to play with other pop stars in Arabia–he does not even invest time in friendship. Elissa is a princess and she deals with the world like that. Meanwhile, enjoy this remix.      

‫جديد ديويتو تامر حسنى واليسا 2015 Duet Tamer Hosny Ft Elissa ‬‎

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