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Published on June 8th, 2015 | by hotarabic


Shatha Hassoun Gives An Awkward Award Speech (Video)

Shatha Hassoun collected an award in Lebanon in an award ceremony that can only work in this country. Sure she is Iraqi and she did not win the award since 2008. But in fairness she did win it at least twice before. She also felt that she should have won the award in 2009. I know a speech is bad or a joke is terrible when the person who tells it is the only one laughing. 

The Moroccan Iraqi hybrid who lives in between Lebanon and the UAE was upbeat when she received the award and she gave a lame speech. She shared an ego-driven speech and she could not event come across as a humble person, then she spoke about how much she cares about Iraq. She told people about Iraq, Morocco, UAE and Lebanon. But as for the UAE she sucked up to the leader of that tiny nation.

There is no art, just a paycheck. A have heard form a number of Iraqi musicians who must cannot stand Shattha. They just do not like her. To be fair, she is a wholesome songstress with a voice that’s hard to argue against. Shatha is also acting now, so that’s good news for her manager.

تكريم الفنانة شذى حسون – أفضل مطربة عربية خليجية 2015

اعلان مسلسل الكبير الجزء الخامس رمضان 2015 ومفجأة شخصية جديدة بالمس

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