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Published on June 5th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Inescapable Cyrine Abdelnour Releases A Twisted Music Video @emusicismylife

Cyrine Abdelnour is everywhere on TV, she is a big attraction to all the big producers and networks for want to assemble a TV drama. She almost plays the same role every time, the girl that falls in love and faces trouble or the good looking lady that men fight over. Sure that kind of stuff is tired if not expired, but she keeps Cyrine Abdelnour living in a big mansion and partying around the clock.

Cyrine Abdelnour did released three singles this year, a movie and a number of TV shows (Sorry, I do not follow) And comes the music video about a failed romance. Few can act as well as Cyrine Abdelnour, she plays the good girl who is being mistreated by an ungrateful guy. Sure they live in paradise and they are filty rich, but happiness is not all there.

He is a cheater–what else did you expect? There are few looks that Cyrine Abdelnour brings out–that swimsuit pool part seems out of place. She sings for over six minutes. Then an accident happens and she rushes to be by his bedside. Even though he is a jerk, she will be there. Some amazing work has been done here for the makeup. But there is an emotional surprise. The music video mixes things around and confused me a bit. What’s with that asylum picture with the lady who is confined in that dark space?

This part is about jealousy, overthinking things, being possessive, and few other things including taking drugs for mental purposes.

Cyrine Abdel Nour – Aadi [Official Music Video] (2015) / سيرين عبد النور – عادي

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