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Published on June 10th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Next Big Morccan Music Thing Will Habe Houda Saad’s Name

No woman makes better music from Morocco (or inspired by Morocco) like Houda Saad does. I think there’s a special place for her in Arabic pop, but also her bigger and more prominent place is in Morocco where she can be the authority in her country’s music.

Sure there are scores of artists from Morocco who have done well, but many of them they do not stick with it. Houda Saad can. She has shown in the past four years that each song she has done using that dialect is a stand alone story.  Moroccan pop does not have to be weird or too exotic for the casual Arab fan, Houda makes it accessible. I mean in a way, she meets the listener half way through, she keeps the dialect but on the music she can work with a number of elements.
This is why I thought her “La Hadi Oula Hadik” is a perfect song to speak to what I am thinking. I know she has done many songs in all Arabic dialects, but the Moroccan ones seem closer to her heart. Beside having a capable voice, she is a music composer and a lyricist, so she can contribute in all fronts.   

Houda Saad – La Hadi Oula Hadik (Official Video 2014) / هدى سعد – لهادي و لهاديك

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