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Published on June 5th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The One Guy Who Makes Arabic Music Happen @salhendi

Salem Al Hindi is the top boss at Rotana music. He is the CEO or the equivalent of top manger who overseas just about every contract/deal with Arab artists. He is a celebrity himself as he can be seen alongside all the big and hot names in Arabic music. He can also be mean sometimes, and he does not look kindly on attacks from pop stars at his company.

In a recent interview, Salem seemed candid about Arabic pop and the business, he gave the interview to that popular magazine “Saydaty“. He has few nuggets to say

  1. Rotana has the biggest names in Egyptian pop Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny
  2. I have special relationship with Amr diab who can be very difficult to deal with.
  3. Amr Diab is so demanding and he likes to oversee every aspect out of fear for his brand and his legacy.
  4. Same goes for Tamer Hosny, we do all we can to satisfy him artistically. 
  5. Some Lebanese singers are so demanding as they overdo it, but cannot point to an artistic problem. 
  6. Same artists forget that they are no longer as important or as big of a name as they once were, yet they think they have the upper hand with Rotana. 
  7. Most of their demands are to show off and to talk about their prestigious.
  8. He does not mean Elissa, whom he likes and calls easy to deal with and he respects for that.
  9. Amr Diab is still under contract with Rotana, so there is no negotiation.   
  10. Angham, just joined the company now where they will mange her businesses and produce her music.
  11. Mohammad Assaf is an important voice, but  as long as he is happy with his production company, good luck to him.
  12. He think the world of Najwa Karam and Assi Hallani, he is so diplomatic when he speaks about them and about their rightful place in Rotana 

Little is known about Salem’s personal life, but I feel he is the figure most Arab pop stars like to be locked in a room with. Why do I get the feeling he is not a big fan of Assaf?

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