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Published on June 11th, 2015 | by hotarabic


This Ramadan Brought To You By Heineken!!

Sure the title is strange and even offensive, but I could not help but notice how more and more brand label beers in Egypt are paying top dollars for product endorsement on Egyptian TV dramas. Savvy beer marketers figured a cleaver way to get themselves in every Arab home, they may not be able to run advertisements or rent billboards, but they will not be stopped.

That famous beer marker in Egypt who got sold to beet giant Heineken is placing its products in most TV dramas this Ramadan season. Yes, they pay for the product placements and Egyptian producers are a cheap data and have no virtual morals. So more and more characters will be shown this Ramadan drinking beer in a country with a Muslim Majority.  Thanks to Filfan for pointing that out. Even in Ramadan it seems the passive Arab consumer cannot have a month holy as it used to be. He will have to ensure nudity, cursing, sleaziness and now alcoholic beverages on his TV screen. I do not blame the consumer for turning off that device and spending time with family instead.

This is such a shameful practice, and it has little to do with reality, yes sadly, a lot of Muslims do consume alcohol, but not the rate shown in movies and TV Dramas.

After furtrther research:
It seems that the company that makes the most appearances in movies and dramas is actually brewed by Al-Ahram, a government conglomerate that also publishes the most widely-read newspaper in Egypt. So there you have it, you have the government running a beer business that’s sole mission to give people a break from all the shit they (they government) are not able to address


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