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Published on July 11th, 2015 | by hotarabic


@AshleyNemeh Christian Arab-American Does It Better

Cleveland has many good things for going for it, and now I learned of one more reason why this city is a big player in American music. Cleveland the hometown for rising Arab American vocalist Ashley Nehme. Nehme is a recording artist, singer and songwriter who works in between LA, NYC and Nashville. Her thing is inspirational music done in the name of Christ. I am glad to see more Arab-Americans showcasing the beautiful tapestry that exists among us.

Ashley has a beautiful voice that moves one’s heart inches as it penetrates one’s soul and stays there. Aside from a growing music career, Ashely has already established herself as philanthropist through her efforts at home in Ohio. I know that I enjoy hearing her voice and appreciate her style in music that reminds me of the great music it used to be made in classic era in 60s perhaps.

Ashley is upbeat and exciting when the song necessitates, and she is humble and meek when it works best for the song. An example would be her new song, Find Our Way where she sees so much wrong around her and she voices her concern but without giving in to the voices of surrender. Her music video touches on local and international topics that break one’s heart and wet her eye. She tackles war, racism, injustice, army, women equality and few other timely topics.     

Ashley Nemeh – When I See You

 Ashley Nemeh – Find Our Way

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