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Published on July 28th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Gayest Non-Gay Song Is Out Of The Closet (Video)

Two young and accomplished dancers Anthony Touma and Mohamed Attia became friends on the set of Dancing with the Stars. They took their friendship to the next level and recorded a summer duet that they co-wrote. In one hand Anthony Touma and Mohamed Attia wrote the lyrics and then Touma wrote the music. And all of sudden you get a summer hit that is actually exciting.

Attia has done many things in his life since he won the 2004 Star Academy–he won that show’s first season. Attia did a number of singles and album but nothing really that he could call a legacy. Then he starred in tow movies, and right after that he hosted a show with gamers celebrities–it was good. In between he did a lot of political activism, lots of opinions and he is no fan of the military dictator running Egypt.

Let’s focus on the song, it’s a perfect summer song–lots of bikinis, watermelons lemons, music, drinks. I liked the single when it was released two months ago, now we get to see the pool and the water guns. Things are changing fast in the Middle East, we got the extremists on both sides. Where have the sun gone?

I must say the games played poolside are refreshing, make no mistake this is a party song that makes no secrets about flirting. Enjoy the very short shorts and the studs lurking around the pool. On the plus side, this is one of the few times, where the guy is actually a good dancer that can stand his ground. The end of the music vides leaves one laughing.

Anthony Touma Ft. Mohamed Attia – Kol Lela | أنطوني توما ومحمد عطية – كل ليلة

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