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Published on August 6th, 2015 | by hotarabic


How Rotana Turns Their Singers Into A Walking Billboard advertising

Sadly, it took him few years to realize this, but luckily, he sold his soul to Rotana now, a home where lazy and big name artists feel safe and secure. Rotana affords them since they use their singers to be billboards, anything they do in any interactions, they are selling, phones, cars, beverages, and what have you.

Nine out of tend Rotana produced albums are an extended advertisement for a luxury new phone. Even the bib names like Amr Diab cannot not have it. It reached a level that each Elissa new music video would have to have a phone. Somehow, they phone finds its way into the storyboard.

I guess since most people outside the Gulf anyway, get their music for free, someone has to pick up the tab and luckily, tech companies have the cash to spare. Things are different though for stars from the Khaleej–they do sell records and make money from concerts, so they may have to do less ads, but when you have Amr Diab holding your phone, you know these people in the Middle east are so obsessed with visible goods.    

Amr Diab … Gamalo – Video Clip | عمرو دياب … جماله – فيديو كليب

Tamer Hosny … 180° – Video Clip | تامر حسني … 180° – فيديو كليب


Ya Merayti … Elissa – Video Clip | يا مرايتي … إليسا – فيديو كليب

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