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Published on August 6th, 2015 | by hotarabic


The Muslim Justin Bieber Makes His Debut #salam @HarrisJOfficial #HarrisJSalam

Harris J is the latest addition to Muslim rock stars, the song of England knows his youth is his strength and he is out to spread the positive message of Islam from his diner. I must say, I am impressed by his debut. It’s been more than two years since he won that Awakening Record music contest. Glad to see him come out of the shade and do what normal young people like to do.

Harris J is an exciting young artist who will give other Muslim youths around the globe some hope. As they are sick of their stomachs from watching the news, along comes a young and fresh artist who shows a lot of promise. Cool is what Harris J is. Teens will embrace Harris and his music, their parents would approve of his career and his messages.

The challenge remains is whether Harris J will stick around and press on with his music career. I think the interest is there and so is the market. It’s the ability to stay cool, release new music and tour the globe to be with the fans what helps.

“Salam” is the title of his album, the album is out, make sure to secure your copy and share. I think keeping the Islamic greeting as a title allows for greater understanding.

Harris J – Salam Alaikum | Official Music Video

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