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All Tamer Hosny’s Songs From His Movies (Videos)

This song was so rich and so wise, a song about life, it appeared in Tamer’s first roles in movies. It was a song about life with all its high and low points. Tamer Hosny had to earn it then, and he did, he made a name for himself back then and it was fun. The film was “Halet Hob” produced in 2003.

Elhayah – Tamer Hosny الحياه – تامر حسني

Tamer Hosny – 3yono dar / تامر حسني- عيونه دار

In 2005, Arabia was due for a hit movie and a hit song that was given to us by Tamer Hosny, a film that was so cool, and so new to us. Sure there was plenty of romance, but there were a lot of fun factors that made that film memorable. “Sayd Al’atfy” There were three songs and two of them are now considered pop classics. One romantic song is a classic first dance song.

Tamer Hosny – kol mara / تامر حسني- كل مره

Tamer Hosny- nour 3eny /تامر حسني- نور عيني

Tamer Hosny – Baseta –

Here comes the 2007 and commercial films for Tamer Hosny, a movie that he had to make because it paid too well. “Omar and Salwa” was a turning point in the career of Tamer Hosny as a singer, now he was so safe and so well-received. There were four songs in this film, only one is a song that stuck around and considered a plus.

Tamer Hosny – Sotek / تامر حسني – صوتك

Ergaaly – Tamer Hosny / ارجعلي – تامر حسني

‘Ereft Elly Feha / عرفت اللي فيها

Tamer Hosny – Allah Yabrakely feek / تامر حسني – الله يباركلي فيك

Came 2008 and Tamer Hosny was still hot, he teamed up with his pal and former co-star Zaina and together they made a cliche film “Captin Hima” The song is best remembered as the film that featured that song for which Tamer Hosny has to defend the song and perhaps even apologized for. The song and music video where he is pointing to various body parts of his female co-star.

تامر حسني روح قلبي Tamer Hosny Ro7 Alby

Tamer Hosny – Aktar haga / تامر حسني – اكتر حاجه

 تامر حسني عمرها حصلتلك

And yes in 2009, Tamer Hosny has done his first sequel in “Omar and Salwa 2” This is when they got married and have kids, but then there is jealousy. I do not think there were any hits in these songs! just songs where Tamer Hosny thinks he is too important and he is too many things. At this point, people start having their overload. The best song on this film is the one where new comer Karim Mohsen makes a comer and steals the show–giving birth to the next pop artist.

Dehktha Mabethazarsh – Tamer Hosny ضحكتها مبتهزرش – تامر حسنى

خنتك امبارح – حفلة – تامر حسنى

Tamer Hosny – Malesh baadak / تامر حسني – مليش بعدك

2010, we saw a decent film emerge from Tamer Hosny “Noor Ainy”, a perfect film where drama, meets romance and comedy. Filmed in between Lebanon and Egypt, it was one of his best films and we did walk away with few good songs. Tamer Hosny had to work hard and come up with good songs, which he did here.

Lawel Mara – Tamer Hosny لأول مره – تامر حسنى

Ya Waheshny – Tamer Hosny ياوحشنى – تامر حسنى

Yana Ya Mafish – Tamer Hosny يا أنا يا مافيش – تامر حسنى

Clip Tamer Hosne – Awel Youm تامر حسني – أول يوم

“Omar and Salma 3” was released in 2012 and it was not a decent film. The same cast returned and there were few additions. More jokes and more weak plot. Anywho, here are the songs from this film, I think there were many songs in it, I think none of them are memorable.

Tamer Hosny – Bent Lazeena / بنت لذينة – تامر حسني

عاطشيف و فاتشين إللى هي (عاطف و فاتن) من عمر و سلمي 3

Garah eih ya 3eny – Tamer Hosny جري ايه يا عيني – تامر حسني

Tamer Hosny – Altely Nab3ed / قالتلي نبعد – تامر حسني

نص لمحه من فيلم عمر و سلمي 3 Nos Lamha from Omar and salma 3

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